Why is Sticker Mule
where I want to be?

First hand experience with a customer first company

Good marketing even
works on marketers.

My first interaction with Sticker Mule was buying window decals for a luxury health facility our parent company owns. I, like most, was surprised by the free bottle of hot sauce that accompanied my purchase. Not just because it was good hot sauce and good marketing, but because it got me wondering about the culture of a company that would spend the time and effort to do something that….kicked so much ass. I’ve continued to purchase more stickers, keychains, etc. from Sticker Mule, but I’ve also since kept a close eye on the Careers page. Sticker Mule has shown me a company with great products, great customer service, and what seems to be a great place to work and contribute to. I look forward to the opportunity to interview and share what skills I can offer to the Sticker Mule team.