I'm a contractor for insightsoftware,

and now I want to be your DEVELOPER.

Creative developer with a

Design Background

I’m a dedicated designer and developer
who has been working as a contractor
for insightsoftware the past 4 months.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had at insightsoftware, and I’m confident that my skills qualify me as a strong candidate for a developer position.

With extensive experience in WordPress , UI/UX, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development, I am interested in transitioning into a more permanent role within your development team.

I’ve prepared a project for your consideration and eagerly await your feedback.

Dynamic Content _ JavaScript _ CSS _

WordPress _ UI/UX _ HTML _

The good stuff.

While I have an extensive background in building custom WordPress sites and can provide many examples, I wanted to showcase that I have the chops to join your team. I have re-created the insightsoftware homepage as a Node JS web app using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and EJS for templating. Most of the site is a direct copy, and some I have re-designed for fun. The Demo and Pricing pages include dynamic drop-downs and a “paywall” on all of the service pages. In order to see the rest of the site….well, you’ll see.


Project layout designed in Figma.


See the project code on GitHub.


Visit the live project deployed on Render.

When I'm away from
the computer.

When I’m not growing professionally, I like to find dirt roads (or no roads) on my Suzuki DR650, play my Fender Stratocaster, and collect vintage watches.