Prototyping & editing
for development

Saving time and money by getting it right the first time

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An edit for (almost)
every industry.

For a span of 15 years, I’ve been deeply involved in video editing, relishing the broad spectrum of industries it has connected me with. This journey has encompassed various experiences, from embarking on trips to Mexico to capture footage for a women’s boutique collection alongside influencers boasting a collective following of over 800,000, to aiding startups in shaping their app’s UX. Throughout, the consistent thread has been my dedication to effectively conveying messages and design concepts, ensuring clarity remains the cornerstone of my endeavors.

Prototyping with
developers in mind.

I transitioned from Adobe Xd to Figma early in my prototyping journey and have remained devoted to Figma ever since. Over the past 4 years, I’ve harnessed the power of Figma’s collaborative and prototyping features. With prior experience in website development, I deeply appreciate the pivotal role of well-defined prototypes in streamlining the production process. A clear prototype not only minimizes revision cycles but also significantly enhances overall efficiency in delivering a polished end product.


In my free time, I’ve been learning the MERN stack and have created a hand full of web apps. Understanding the process of building an app from design all the way to server side deployment brings a satisfaction the cannot be described.