How to deal with uploads timing out. 

When I discovered WordPress years ago I was very excited. Finding a web building platform that allowed me to build professional websites with relative ease was exactly what I had been searching for. If you are not familiar with how WordPress works, it is pretty simple. You upload the application to your hosted domain and, boom, you have a backend builder with a few free templates. If you do it professionally then you are going to want to purchase templates. These templates have a preview that shows you what the site will look like after you import the demo content. Most basic sites have content that can be uploaded with no problems. I had gotten into a groove of churning out sites when one day I received an error trying to import demo content for a new site. “The uploaded file exceeds the max_upload_filesize directive in php.ini”

Uhhh….what? That was all I could think. 

I had no idea what that meant and even less of an idea on where to start looking to fix it. I called hosting support and they said that is not something they dealt with but I was able to write down enough key words from our conversation to start Googling things. After 4 full days of sifting through forums and videos in foreign languages I was able to solve the problem. The demo content file was too large and the hosting account was timing out before it could upload completely. I had to manually create some new files on the file manager and paste in some code commands. Godaddy now has a feature in it’s Cpanel that allows you to do this, a feature that would have been nice back then, but it only allows you to increase to 1GB. I have uploaded a video above showing how to increase to any limits you desire. I can now solve the problem in less than 5 minutes so, yes, knowledge is power. I relay all of this because I am starting the first week of my internship for Lifetime Shower and I have been tasked with rebuilding the webpage. I now go through this process anytime I build a website and, every time I do, it takes me back to one of the most stressful work experiences I’ve ever had. I hope this video can help future web builders solve a problem that seems impossible when you are new to WordPress building that is actually simple if you have the tools.