Media Buys

This week Lifetime Shower decided they had enough money in the budget to look at more TV advertising. They are currently running spots on FOX News and HGTV with Suddenlink. I was tasked with sitting down with KAMR, KCIT, and KVII and see which broadcast station was offering the best deal. After having meetings with all of the stations I decided that KAMR’s current offering was the best. The price point was very low for TV ($900) and included a fair amount of exposure on both television and web. The biggest factors in making my decision, however, was that this package allowed Lifetime Shower to be positioned as a partner next to NBC which ads credibility to the business. This package also included 20% off all future schedules as long as Lifetime Shower continued to be in the Local Leader program. On my suggestion, the owner signed and I set up his time to go into the station and cut his 2 promos. Keep an eye out for “Lifetime Shower, your local leader in bathroom remodeling”.