Location Based Marketing

Targeting consumers based on their habits and location.

Lifetime Shower asked me about how they might do some non-traditional advertising so I told them about a company called GroundTruth. It is free to create an account and operates much like Google AdWords as far as setting your CPM bids, number of impressions, and total budget. The difference is the ability to get very specific with your audience. You can draw a boundary around a business, retail block, neighborhood, zip code, and on. You can also target people specifically on their buying habits. Even more interesting, if you have a product that does well in certain weather you utilize weather targeting. 


I set up an account for Lifetime Shower and set a perimeter around Re-Bath, Dream Maker, and Lowe’s Home Improvement with both display ads and a brief video ad. Every time someone steps foot into one of the marked locations, Lifetime Shower’s ad will pop up on their mobile devices for the next 30 days. GroundTruth offers great analytic reports that show who received the ad and can even tell you if someone who viewed a Lifetime Shower ad visited the Lifetime Shower showroom after receiving an ad.


To learn more about this awesome service, visit the  GroundTruth  website.