The past few weeks I have been working on the new website for  Lifetime Shower . I built it using the WordPress platform. I enjoy using WordPress because of the almost unlimited options in third-party themes and plug-ins. I have found that the best place for premium themes is  ThemeForest . One of the difficulties in picking a theme is knowing how to operate each unique building software they come with. There have always been 3-4 main backend builders which have been great but, I’ve always been in search of user friendly frontend builder that would give me the results I was looking for. It took around 5 years but someone has finally created an amazing builder that I used to build the new Lifetime Shower site (and this blog site as well). It is call  Brizy and it has allowed me to to build a site in just a few days as opposed to a few weeks, as long as I have all the material in front of me. I hope everyone enjoys the new site!