Graphic, graphics, and more graphics…This week I sat down to get some print materials together using Photoshop and Illustrator. The idea was to get some cost effective branding materials out into the public and the home of Lifetime Shower’s customers. See below for all of the work I accomplished this week. 


Making people comfortable when you are working in their home is very important. I designed these installer shirts so the in-home guys always look professional and convey the image of the company. They are comfortable and utilize the Lifetime Shower orange with a sporty side stripe. 


First impressions are everything so when you step into a potential customers home you want to leave the best impression possible. I chose to use the Nike DryFit line for the sales staff shirts because they are very comfortable, stylish, and give clean cut image. Both the installer shirts and the sales polos were purchased from Amarillo Screen Graphics. 


This piece is not your traditional mailer advertisement. By placing a code in the header of the website, I am able to track who has visited the site with cookies and have one of these postcards delivered to their home within 48 hours. 


Cost effective and great to keep handy, these door hangers are perfect for going around the neighborhood after completing a job or using them to blanket on a slow day. They tell about the company, services offered, and have to coupons for a call to action. They were ordered through Vistaprint and should be arriving in less than a week.


This leave behind is to let people know about an incentive program that is starting up for customers. For every referral that turns into a sale, the person referring will receive $100. This is great for building word of mouth and helping Lifetime Shower stay in contact with past customers.


Inspired by the catalogues of suppliers that Lifetime Shower uses, I decided to. create one just for the company to use. It features information about their products and puts all of the best sellers from outside suppliers in one place. The contents include trim, fixtures, shower kits, doors, lavatory tops, accessories, color selections, testimonials, sketch sheet, and bid sheet with a place to sign on the dotted line. This piece should greatly increase the conversion rate of in-home sales and save time on follow up sales calls.


This piece will be used to gather lead information at trade shows and local events.