Get with the Program.

A business only has so many dollars a year to spend on advertising and marketing so they must choose where to place their buys wisely. Sometimes it is not about positioning yourself in the absolute best spot but, supporting others in the community and receiving a little bit of exposure in return. This week I was asked to create an ad for the Randall High School theater program. It was only $100 and the estimated attendance over the course of the program was 1000. If even one person responds to the ad then the investment will more than pay for itself. In the event that no one calls, it is still a great opportunity for getting Lifetime Shower’s name out to a new audience at a very low cost point.


When designing this ad, I thought about all of the artwork I had seen in the Amarillo Symphony’s program over the years. They were always put together with the audience in mind and had a musical theme to them. I decided to adopt this strategy for Lifetime Shower’s ad. It had to be black and white, which always makes things a little more difficult to be eye catching, but I feel I was able to craft a great message. Lifetime Shower and the theater director were both very pleased with the outcome and I have been asked to speak to the Randall High School advertising students about advertising/marketing and critique some of the work they will be submitting for a state contest.