Facebook Frenzy 

The past few weeks the owner of Lifetime Shower has requested that his presence on Facebook (and Instagram) be beefed up and made more visible. I began with a Halloween greeting that was done in Adobe After Effects and only targeted the people who like the Lifetime Shower page and their friends. Over the course of the rest of the week I created a video targeted towards people with cracking grout and a post that was a simple quote from a former testimonial. To make the quote more interesting I turned it into a video instead of a photo. Both the testimonial and cracking grout video were produced in a square format (they will not show the way the did on Facebook below). A photo carousel was the latest post made today that is meant to reach those with small showers. Except for the Halloween video, all posts were boosted with a target audience of male/female 40+ in Amarillo & Canyon areas.